Sam wrote her first song aged 14 and has been honing her craft ever since. Capturing the emotions of a situation and bringing it to life within a song is Sam’s speciality. She has written and performed several personal songs including heartfelt music for weddings and birthdays.

Original Material

Songwriting was initially a way for Sam to deal with teenage frustration and angst, however over the years she has developed a real talent for this by putting her thoughts to music.
With a vast range of emotions, genres and styles within her grasp, Sam can write anything from beautiful ballads to upbeat party tunes.
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Sync licensing

Sam’s music sits well within romantic comedies scenes, TV programmes and adverts. She is open to sync licensing deals and is happy to use existing music as well as writing for a specific project.
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Custom songs

Got a special occasion? Want a unique present for a loved one? Want your own personal song or a tune for a business?
Sam takes care of this by writing a song totally unique to you. With varying packages to suit your needs and budget from an acoustic version to a fully studio produced track including video and live performance at your special event.
Arrange a free consultation with Sam to discuss your song and how the process works.
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  • “Sam wrote me a beautiful song for my wedding. The lyrics captured mine and my husband’s story so perfectly. The melody is unique but catchy, upbeat and sincere. I was lucky enough to have Sam perform it live during my wedding reception and it was one of the outstanding moments of the day. I will cherish the memory of that, and this amazing song, forever more”
    Katie, England 
  • 'it was great to discover your music and your work so far. You have a lovely songwriting style, and it's lovely to hear such emotion in vocal tracks. I enjoyed your arrangement on 'Good News', which demonstrates your versatility as a musician.'
    Liverpool Sound  City
  • 'I love love, Allowing Love. Great title, amazing song,'.
    Lara Rose
  • “I asked Sam to write an original song for my partner’s birthday. We talked about my relationship and what I wanted the song to tell him. Sam played and sang the song to me before she sent it to make sure that I was happy. It is amazing and encapsulates everything that I wanted to say"
    Sue, London
  • “Be Still. This song is the best present ever and it will be forever. Coming from an amazing person but mainly a good friend that I will keep in my heart all my life. Thank you”
    Lourdes, Spain
  • "Like most people I had never had a song written for me before and can genuinely say that it touches your heart in a very special way to know that somebody has gone to such effort for you. I would highly recommend working with Sam to produce a song for your significant other or special occasion. She offers an extremely personal experience”
    Sean, England
  • "I find it difficult to express my feelings verbally so the song has helped to showcase my feelings for my partner and to cement our relationship. He loved our song, he said that it is ‘unique and meaningful and made him feel special and loved’. He listens to the CD a lot. Sam is extremely talented; she offers a professional and very personal service that I would highly recommend. She delivered on time and exceeded my expectations. I will be forever grateful”
    Sue, London
  • “Sam is a truly gifted and talented musician with the ability to translate feelings and emotions into words and music with great effectiveness. Sam has a very sensitive and emotional soul which shines through in every word that she sings, delivered with haunting yet powerful vocals"
    Sean, England