Podcast: Things I Never Thought I'd Say

What is the podcast about? - People pursuing their passion and talking openly and honestly about it.
In 2023 I had several conversations with Anita Abram from Every Bird Records about how to introduce women in music to her new company that would help them on their journey in writing songs, performing and being seen and heard doing the things they love.
We decided upon a podcast where I would interview inspiring women in the industry and Things I Never Thought I’d Say was the result. What I thought would be a fun and frivolous chat with these women became so much more. They were given a safe space to freely express how they felt about the industry but more importantly about themselves. And I wrote and produced the theme tune of the same name.
Listen to all off the podcasts here:
  • "Really enjoyed them both and can't wait to hear more! Loved learning about Anita, and discovering things I didn't already know about Isobel. The theme tune is great - it's so catchy! Congrats on all you've achieved so far and I know you're going to go from strength to strength with this"
    Kate Albion
  • "I’ve finished listening to both episodes and both Anita and Isobel are so inspirational and you are amazing. So are you going to continue interviewing women mainly in the music industry or from other industries too?'
    Helen Morris
  • “So enjoyed listening to Rosie Bans, such a great inspiration to young people in the music industry, especially those suffering anxiety and wanting to break out in the business world of today. Fantastic podcast Sam Crane, you really connected with this amazing lady, huge well done.”
    Susie, Brisbane, Australia
  • “Camilla Ernen, Ooh I love this podcast .Loved the phrase 'Song Receiver' - totally one too
    And you know, how much I can relate to everything you say. And oh wow, you will help so many people with your course. Honestly, the world's a better place with you in it.
    Sam Crane wonderful that you've created this podcast with Anita Abram. What an awesome place you've created.”
    Marianne Bal
  • “Sam was such a joy to talk to, she has a wonderful listening ear that allows space for authentic sharing and truth to appear - a very special skill indeed”
    Sarah Jay Hawley
  • “Really enjoyed that, i like her vulnerability around mental health and burnout, definitely an inspiring lady. you’ve done a great job with the music sections too a unique approach to supporting your questions but it works really well. “
    Ben Jordan
  • “Have a listen to this podcast. Great listening. I promise you will find something that s=resonates with you in every episode with inspiring women, including Sam herself of course. Also her newly rmleseade single of the theme music is amazing, so well written & talented vocals. Well done Sam, you’re smashing it!!!”
    Shelle Falcon
  • "In Things I Never Thought I’d Say podcast, Sam speaks to women in music about the highs, lows and lessons learned along the way and I’m thrilled to be their guest on episode 2 💃
    We go DEEP in this conversation (a compulsion of mine 🤓) so it’s a raw, heart-on-sleeve vibes but with lots of reflections on starting my business, creating safe music tech learning spaces and being a woman in music too."
    Isobel Anderson
  • "I almost felt quite emotional hearing the things Anita has experienced and had to overcome. It made me feel we really are all in this together. Very inspiring. So much well done Sam 💗 Also the speed was good, it wasn’t overwhelming or too busy. It had a really nice pace. I loved when both Anita and Isobel shared about their health challenges in their podcasts and it made me feel seen : )"
    Millie Gaum