New Album: 'Me Being Me Doing What I Love Doing Is Enough'

'Me Being Me Doing What I Love Doing Is Enough' is an album with its roots in busking and it’s heart in all that is good about the world. Touching on subjects such as diversity, love, mental health and community, it showcases a range of genres exploring each aspect.
It employs a range of genres to explore each aspect. It’s about how performing (and busking) affects Sam emotionally, personally, physically and financially.
She received funding from Leeds City College Arts Fund to deliver a new creative piece of work, completed within 4 months that satisfied the following criteria: to be about engaging with public, to be about Leeds and to embrace diversity within the city.
Each song has a particular feel and is of a different genre. Although the album is about playing live and busking, it is so much more than that. It is an album about recognising who you are now, what you’ve gone through, having hope for the future and being ok with where you are right now.
Tracks from the album have already been played on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio Leeds. Finf out more here.