Sam wrote me a beautiful song for my wedding. The lyrics captured mine and my husband’s story so perfectly. The melody is unique but catchy, upbeat and sincere. I was lucky enough to have Sam perform it live during my wedding reception and it was one of the outstanding moments of the day. I will cherish the memory of that, and this amazing song forever more” - Katie from England

What are custom songs ...?

A custom song is a specially written song for you that is about your thoughts and feelings for someone or something.


The lyrics, the melody and the style are all created with you in mind. It beautifully captures what you would like to say and how you want to say it in a song.


Who are custom songs for ...?

They are for anyone who wants to express a feeling, message, or idea through a song.

This can be couples wanting to share their feelings of love on their wedding day.

It can be businesses wanting to motivate their staff and make them feel appreciated.

It can be conferences that have a particular theme or message that they want to get across ... and many more.


If you want to say something special or important then what better way to do it than through the power of music.

A personal and unique song that says everything you want to say is the perfect way for your listener to completely understand what you want them to hear.
It is a fantastic and original way to connect with people that you or your business care about.